Activities & Tours

From Atenas you can take different tours that you can enjoy during your stay in the hotel. Costa Rica offers a wide variety of excursions that have an interesting combination of adventure, beach, relaxation, culture...

Poás Volcano / La Paz Waterfall Gardens

As you travel up to the Poás Volcano, a noticeable difference in temperature and vegetation can be quickly perceived. You will observe the coffee plantations, fern and flower farms, and strawberry farms, creating a beautiful landscape.

At the Poás Volcano, you will not only admire its impressive crater and sulphur smoke emissions, but you will also learn about the different ecosystems found in this gorgeous national park.

We continue towards the La Paz Waterfall, where a delicious lunch is served, followed by a tour. We also take a hike through a lovely trail, which leads you to spectacular cascades in the middle of the rain forest. Inside the park, we visit the largest butterfly farm in the country, the hummingbird gallery, the serpentarium, the house of birds, and the frog exhibition.

Doka Coffee Tour

We visit Doka Estate Coffee, where you will be able to enjoy the tour, which is carried out on a wonderful coffee plantation. There you will learn about the oldest coffee production techniques used by experts for making the finest coffees in Costa Rica.

After the tour you will enjoy a delicious, typical Costa Rican lunch. And later, you can visit the small butterfly farm on the premises, before being shuttled back to the hotel.

Volcán Irazú / Valle de Orosi / Jardín Botánico Lankester

This tour is a combination of the Irazú Volcano, the Orosi Valley, and the Lankester Botanical Gardens. The winding road will take us through fertile lands, cultivated with all types of vegetables. At the volcano’s summit, you can observe the main craters and, on a clear day, both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Descending to the city of Cartago, we make a stop at the Basilica of “Our Virgin of the Angels” (Virgen de los Ángeles), the pilgrimage spot of many faithful. The next stop will be the Lankester Botanical Gardens, a center created by the University of Costa Rica, for the research and protection of more than 800 species of orchids and other plants.

Finally, we continue on to the marvelous Orosi Valley. We will visit one of the very few colonial church buildings that still remain standing, followed by a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants. You will also be able to observe the ‘Casa del Soñador’ (House of the Dreamer), an example of Costa Rican primitive art.

Hanging Bridges of Arenal and Eco Hot Springs

The Hanging Bridges of Arenal are located in a 250-hectare private reserve (618 acres) of primary forest. This visit offers nature lovers a journey over 15 bridges between 5 and 100 meters long on a 3 Km. circuit of trails that run through the tropical rain forest. The bridges are built out of aluminum, galvanized steel, and concrete, providing greater safety to visitors, while complying with the highest international safety standards.

This is a tour where the breathtaking views from the highest bridges garnish an unparalleled adventure. After the hike you will be able to enjoy the hot springs, where you will relax in the warm waters as you contemplate nature. At the appropriate time, after your return, we will give you the pleasure of enjoying a splendid supper.

San José City Tour

This tour shows you the history and culture of Costa Rica by visiting museums and historical sites in the city of San José. The tour begins with a visit to the beautiful La Sabana park. Then we will walk through the historical National Museum, built in 1897 and considered a masterpiece of art and architecture. Next, we will visit several of the most important museums in the country.

The tour continues by making several strategic stops at places if interest, such as the University of Costa Rica and the Supreme Court building. We will also visit a beautiful craft store, where you can acquire lovely handmade decorations and souvenirs from Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio National Park

In the morning we begin our journey towards the Central Pacific region, stopping along the way on the bridge over the Grande de Tárcoles river, where you can observe the enormous crocodiles basking in the sun. Upon arriving to Manuel Antonio National Park, you can enjoy an impressive combination of beach, tropical forest, and beautiful fauna and flora, while appreciating the lovely landscape. Take a slow walk along one of the trails of this exotic forest or just relax on the beach, plunging into the crystal-clear waters or sunbathing.

Sport Fishing

The tour begins early, in order to arrive to the marina and hop on the boat that will take you to the best fishing areas in the Central Pacific region. Quepos is one of the greatest sport fishing spots in the world. Fishing near the coast offers an excellent view of the beach, and it will provide an opportunity to find many roosterfish, as well as mahi-mahi and red snapper, among others. The coastal reefs supply a good number of amberjack, snapper, black marlin, and sailfish, when in season.

Canopy Tour

The Canopy Tour experience is conceived as a mixture of adventure, nature, and safety. Travel through the tropical forests of Costa Rica on suspension cables, while gliding along the canopy of the primary forest, with your bilingual guides and safety inspectors on each platform. The canopy tour is designed not only as an extreme adventure, but as a way of enjoying nature without harming the environment. While on the property, you might be able to catch a glimpse of scarlet macaws, brown-billed toucans, and white-faced capuchin monkeys.

Savegre White Water Rafting

The Savegre river offers type II, III, and IV rapids, some of which are beyond manageable. The bilingual guides are experts in fluvial navigation, thanks to their international training. It’s a full-day adventure in a unique river. This adventure includes many "extras".